rudbeckia yellow

Impressionism is my favourite style in painting and my inspiration for creation my nature photo images. I composed my images experimenting with multiple and single exposure and relatively simple photoshop postproduction. My photos were taken ... Read More

The Constructed Deconstructed

Kitchen Drawer

Social constructs have been put in place to control us. They dictate the parameters by which we live our lives and group us into small homogeneous units. The Constructed Deconstructed explores how society's standardized systems in which we are ... Read More

Day as Night


We observe the transition from day to night every day and take it for granted that the sun will set and rise, but do we really SEE this change, do we really Look at it to see what is happening? The colors and gradations last for only a few minutes, ... Read More

B & W workshop images

Forks of the Credit -07BW

While conducting the digital Black & White workshop, I managed to shoot during the two days of shooting, day one with two lovely models, while day two in nature walking the provincial park of Forks of the Credit during this digital Black & ... Read More